First Official Post!

Hello, hello, hello! 

My name is Emma Grayeb, and I am thrilled to be a student blogger for the College of the Holy Cross. At the present moment, I am sitting in Dinand Library, occupying my favorite spot since freshman year. This evening, I’ve been preparing for the two finals that I have left before the end of this term. It’s hard to believe that after winter break, I will be entering my last semester of college. Everyone told me to enjoy each moment, as it all rushes by so fast. I didn’t believe them until now!

Recently, The Purple (the literary magazine of Holy Cross) hosted an Open Mic Night. As one of the senior editors, I work with our staff to try and support the community of writers that we have here on campus. The event was a happy success! In addition to it being a nice break from the stress that finals inevitably bring, it also left me feeling inspired by the art my peers had shared.

I will post more updates soon. Happy holiday season!