100 Days + Saint Patrick’s Day

This past weekend was fun, especially for the class of 2024. 100 Days ball took place on Friday, March 15. It’s a tradition to mark 100 days until graduation. It was held at Mechanics Hall in Worcester.

Many people took photos in front of Fenwick, as it is such a beautiful building. Here are me and some of my friends!

The weather was a little chilly, so we moved inside. The hallway made for some cool shots too!

Having a night where all of the seniors are in the same room is special and rare. It was fun to be surrounded by friends all night, and catch up with those who I don’t see all the time.

On Saturday, the Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations began. In the morning, I stopped by Cool Beans and enjoyed a nice cup of herbal tea as I walked around campus and saw all of the pretty flowers.

The festivities lasted all day. At night, one of the townhouses hosted a student band! There is a blurry photograph of people dancing featured below.

Sunday was reserved for catching up on sleep, and homework. That’s all for now!