Snow Day :)

Yesterday we had our first snow day of the year! The campus always looks beautiful when it’s covered in snow.

Holy Cross is famous for the huge hill that it is built on. The location is great for sledding! My friends and I decided to go sled in the evening. Though we were lacking real sleds, flattened cardboard boxes and plastic lids did the trick!

It was a nice break from homework, and good to get some fresh air despite the cold. The campus is so peaceful and quiet when covered in blankets of fresh snow.

The second semester always hits the ground running. I am currently in Dinand Library, way down in the stacks as I write this post. I’ve just completed my work for the creative writing class I’m taking with Professor Xi. I am preparing for a writer’s workshop tomorrow, where my classmates and I will discuss all of our fiction pieces and give each other advice on how to improve.

That’s all for now!

Moot Court Nationals!

Hello, hello, hello!

It is now less than (2) days before classes begin again. At Holy Cross, we are privileged to have a nice, long winter break. As someone approaching their second semester of senior year, much of my time was spent doing job applications. However, there were definitely some fun moments. At school, I am a member of the moot court team. This year, four of our pairs qualified for  nationals, including me and my partner, Nathan!  The AMCA national tournament this year was in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I was excited to escape the cold, Connecticut weather in the middle of January for a few days.

Our first stop on Friday was a tour of the Everglades. Only a 45-minute drive from our hotel, we decided that it was too hard to resist. Our tour guide was passionate about the environment, and taught us about the disruptive presence of invasive species in the ecosystem. This was my first time seeing an alligator!

The next stop was the beach! Our coach was able to book us a nice hotel on the water, thanks to funding from the J.D. Power Center. We were lucky to have a sunny, 77 degree day, with an ocean warm enough for swimming.

On Saturday and sunday, it was time for competition. The tournament was hosted by the NSU Shepard Broad College of Law.

One of our pairs, Ava and Noah, qualified to the second round of nationals in Texas! Yeehaw! This was my last time ever competing, and it was definitely an emotional day. The Holy Cross moot court community is tight knit!

Monday morning, it was time for everyone to fly home. My roommate Catherine, who I had met through moot court our freshman year, grabbed a quick breakfast by the beach before our flight.

Now, it’s time for me to start packing for my last semester ever at Holy Cross! :’)

First Official Post!

Hello, hello, hello! 

My name is Emma Grayeb, and I am thrilled to be a student blogger for the College of the Holy Cross. At the present moment, I am sitting in Dinand Library, occupying my favorite spot since freshman year. This evening, I’ve been preparing for the two finals that I have left before the end of this term. It’s hard to believe that after winter break, I will be entering my last semester of college. Everyone told me to enjoy each moment, as it all rushes by so fast. I didn’t believe them until now!

Recently, The Purple (the literary magazine of Holy Cross) hosted an Open Mic Night. As one of the senior editors, I work with our staff to try and support the community of writers that we have here on campus. The event was a happy success! In addition to it being a nice break from the stress that finals inevitably bring, it also left me feeling inspired by the art my peers had shared.

I will post more updates soon. Happy holiday season!